Conkling & Lewis Construction maintains a robust workload, completing projects within budget and on time for all of its clients. The firm brings together all major participants at project inception to ensure clear communication channels are created and a workflow and timeline is understood by all. Conkling & Lewis prides itself on its ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and credits its continual communication and review process as its means to ensure all projects remain on task. The firm provides the following construction services for projects ranging from historic renovation to state-of-the art healthcare facilities:

Construction Management at Risk

Through early engagement, Conkling & Lewis works with the project owner and architect before the plans and specifics are finalized as the Construction Manager at Risk.

As the overall project lead, present during all steps of the design process, Conkling &Lewis is able to perform and provide construction cost estimates, value engineering and constructability reviews at any given point of the design phase. This allows for final plans and specifications to be prepared only once, permitting the owner to consider all alternatives based on factual information rather than guesswork and avoiding time consuming and costly redesigns.


To provide clients with a simple method for building a project, Conkling & Lewis will put together a team suited specifically for the project at hand.
Design-build provides a turn-key solution to the owner by combining the contractor, architect, engineers, and subconsultants into one entity. Utilizing Design-Build can reduce the overall risk for the project owner, save time between communications among designers and contractors, expedite the overall project schedule and reduce project cost by providing the most efficient combination of qualified resources.

General Contracting

As General Contractor of a project, Conkling & Lewis will handle the day-to-day oversight duties on a construction site. We obtain only the highest quality materials, labor, artisans, equipment and other services and oversee each subcontractor’s work.

As with any of our projects, we maintain a clean, organized, efficient, and safe construction site to be certain that our process is streamlined and time is used effectively.


Conkling & Lewis provides consulting services to guide project team members through the design, implementation, and documentation of construction and renovation initiatives. To reach the goals set by our standards and those of our clients, we enter the project at inception as consultants and maintain an active role beyond the completion of project construction.